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NH-HMIS training links to documents and videos:

NH-HMIS Training Guide
NH-HMIS SP5 Overview
NH-HMIS Support Ticket System Guide
HMIS User Agreement
NH-HMIS Data Quality

NH-HMIS End-User Training:

HMIS Acronyms Glossary Term Definitions
Interim Helper Guide
Sub-assessment Helper Guide
Training Agenda
Service Transactions Guidance
NH-HMIS ReportWriter
Adding a Client to a Household (Power Point)
Adding a Client to a Household (Word)
When should income be added
Exit Destinations Guide (PDF)
Exit Destinations Reference (Word)
Sub-assessment visibility (PDF)
Removeing a Client and deleting a Household (Word)
Multiple HOH exits and rejoins (Word)
Adding a Client back into a Household (Word)
Service Transactions Guidance (PDF)

NH-HMIS Training for PATH:

NH PATH Workflow Updates 3(Power Point)
Path ClientPoint workflow - Families final(PDF)
ClientPoint - Path ClientPoint workflow - Single clients final (PDF)

NH-HMIS End-User Training for HOIP:

ClientPoint Module for Outreach using Entry/Exit Workflow SP5.7 (Single) (Word)
Clientpoint for single & family slides - outreach - (PowerPoint)
ClientPoint - Families script - Outreach (Word)
Helper Guide - Entering ROI for Outreach

NH-HMIS End-User Training for ESG:

ESG ClientPoint - Families workflow script (Word)
ESG ClientPoint - Single workflow script (Word)
ESG ClientPoint for single and Family slides (Power Point)

NH-HMIS End-User Training for SGIA Prevention:

Household data sharing workflow for SGIA Prevention
ClientPoint Single Workflow Script
ClientPoint Families Workflow Script
Single and Family Slides

NH-HMIS Agency Administrator Training:

Agency Admin Training Agenda
Agency Admin video help guide for videos
Agency Admin Training SP5
AA Training Topics and Roles and responsibilities
AA Manage User accounts and passwords
AA Training News Admin
AA Training Provider Admin Resourcepoint related info
AA Training Provider Admin Shelterpoint related
AA Training Provider Admin Services and Quick Lists
AA Training Agency Admin Responsibilities Recap
NH-HMIS APR in ART Report Training
Bowman System's ART Viewer Training (SP5)
Helper Guide - ESG CAPER
Running the PIT Report (0630)
Running the HIC Supplement Report (0628)
Running the HIC Report (0629)

HMIS SP5 Training Evaluation Results 2015:

State of NH Evaluation Results 2015

HMIS SP5 Training Evaluation Results 2014:

State of NH Evaluation Results 2014

HMIS SP5 Training Evaluation Results 2013:

State of NH Evaluation Results 11-2013

HMIS SP5 Training Evaluation Results 2012:

BoSCoC (8-8-2012) - final
BoSCoC (8-9-2012) - final
BoSCoC (8-10-2012) - final
BoSCoC (9-11-2012) make up
Greater Nashua CoC2
MCoC - final
State of NH