The new HUD CoC APR Provider Report now available in ServicePoint 5.12.38.

The new HUD CoC APR Provider Report is now available in ServicePoint 5.12.38. We updated the system last night.

I have attached a helper guide for running the CoC-APR in Servicepoint.

If you need additional help open a HMIS ticket.

This report will only run on HUD CoC funded projects.

For the projects that entered data into e-snaps:

Beginning on April 1, 2017 grantees will no longer submit APRs in e-snaps and will begin using a new system called Sage.

Recipients will be required to upload CSV data from their HMIS to fulfill the APR reporting requirement in Sage and ServicePoint will support the CSV requirement for the APR report. This will be a “download" option after you've run the new Provider (canned) CoC APR report in ServicePoint.
Per HUD request, the 0625 APR report will remain in the ART Gallery until 7/1/2017. If a grantee is working on an APR in e-snaps that was started prior to April 1, 2017 they will need to be complete it prior to removal of the “old” APR on 7/1/2017. To accommodate customer requests, the 0631 APR Detail will remain in the ART Gallery until 10/1/2017. Please remember the logic between the “old” and “new” APR reports varies greatly and while both reports will exist simultaneously, their numbers are not meant to be compared and are expected vary.

You may receive a data quality check error in Sage stating that the ”total in Q8A must equal the sum of adult heads of household plus child and unknown-age heads of household in Q5A”. This is likely due to missing data for the Relationship to Head of Household field. We recommend you click on the “Error Count” link for this field in section 6b of the report to view clients that need to be corrected, and correct the data accordingly.

HUD CoC APR Reporting Specifications can be found here:

APR Training: Overview of the Sage HMIS Repository Webinar