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COC APR update - COC Application

The 0625 COC APR is now at v19 and available in the ART folder. The 0631 Detail report is still at v15 we are still waiting on an update from Bowman Systems." Bowman System has released 0635 - 2013 NOFA CoC Application Section 2D - v3 and 0636 - Project Participant 5A5B NOFA 2013_2014 - v2 these reports along with the update Application matrix can be found in the ART folder, under "NOFA", "NOFA 2013 to 2014"


COC APR update

The 0625 COC APR is now on v18, and the 0631 Detail APR is now on v15.

Is my monitor messing up? I see colors on the 0625 - HUD CoC APR now. What's going on?

Nope - your monitor isn't malfunctioning (at least not for this reason!).

Colored boxes have been added to the 0625 - HUD CoC APR, and they act as a reminder to users to check to make sure that the same colored boxes match in 24a and 24b. The numbers in the cells highlighted blue and yellow must match in order to avoid an e-snaps validation error. The cells highlighted in purple should be the total number of clients with follow up/exit income information.

Some data quality issues can prevent the APR from knowing where to count clients. This occurs when there is an update at Entry and at Follow-up or Exit but not enough information is provided to determine whether the income is earned income or other income.

The 0631 - HUD CoC APR Detail has been updated to help users determine which Clients are causing these counts to be different. Try these steps if the counts in the colored cells do not total up correctly:
1) Run the 0631 - HUD CoC APR Detail
2) Navigate to Tab J
3) Click the 'Input Controls' tab to filter the details to the relevant Clients
1) For 'Last Episode', select 'Last Episode Only'
2) For 'Leavers or Stayers', select the category that corresponds to the section you're troubleshooting
3) For 'Adult or Child', select 'Adult'
4) For 'Income TMI Errors', select 'Null Inc with TMI Error'

Selecting these input controls on the 0631 should help you see which Clients are not included in some of the counts on the 0625.

If you require assistance with your APR open a ticket with HMIS and we will setup a time to work with you.

Thank you,


Al Vitale Retires - BHHS looking to fill his Data Analyst position

Al Vitale has retired and moved back to his home state
of North Carolina! Al worked for the Bureau of Homeless and Housing
Services since January 2009. During these years, he was instrumental in ensuring HMIS data quality and was also a member of the Advisory Council which advises and supports HMIS operations.


COC APR has been updated again

Bowman Systems has released V17 of the COC APR. This version has resolved some ongoing issues. Let us know if you have any issues. Thank you.



What's the latest in terms of the CoC APR? We're glad you asked!

On October 18th we released the CoC APR v16 with CoC APR USER MANUAL v16. The report was updated to correct a slight issue with one of the variables. We've since learned that users were running into a validation error in e-snaps and have made a correction to the report to address this validation error and to adjust the Sliding Date variable to allow for flexibility in determining the Follow-Up date. We are releasing v17 of the CoC APR and User Manual in the auto-mapper on Friday, October 25th.

Update on CoC APR in E-snaps: Latest Information via the HUD Vendor Forum

To: All HMIS Vendors
On October 1, 2013 HUD’s CoC APR was scheduled to change reflect revisions to the income related questions. As planned, HMIS vendors implemented these revisions on October 1.

However, we have now learned that neither e-snaps nor the CoC APR Guidebook were updated. Given the current government shutdown, these changes cannot be implemented until HUD re-opens.

IMPORTANT! For Agencies that need to run a COC APR


Do you have questions about the HUD required re-design of the CoC APR? Keep reading to learn more! The new version of the CoC APR will be available by HUD’s requested release date of October 1, 2013. The new version will be available in e-snaps beginning on October 1, 2013.

We have upgraded to ServicePoint 5.8.5

Here are the SP5.8 Highlights
Most of the changes to the ServicePoint 5.8 upgrade are performance enhancements and fixed issues so are “under the covers” and will not affect the user interface and screens that you use.

The NH HMIS Summer 2013 Newsletter is here!

ServicePoint 5 refresher training September 9-13th, SP5.8 highlights, centralizing coordinate assessment intake, AHAR schedule for submitting data, tips for viewing multiple household exits/re-joins, and 10 state-funded grant SGIA programs.

FAQ: How can I tell how the Income is being calculated for my clients in my HUD reports?

Download it here: Summer 2013 - August

NH-HMIS ServicePoint mandatory refresher training

NH-HMIS ServicePoint mandatory refresher training is taking place the week of September 9th.
Registration through EventBrite is now open.

You’ll want to sign up as soon as possible as there is limited availability at each location that is determined by how many workstations are at the site (you may have to share workstations if we run out). So, registration is being offer on a first come, first served basis for each session, day, and location.

If you attended ServicePoint 5.7 training, you were given a large blue binder. Please remember to bring that binder with you to the ServicePoint refresher training so you can make notes and add any new documents. If you do not have a binder, please check off the box in the Registration Form to indicate that you need us to bring a binder for you on training day.

Thank you,



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